About Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics

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Olustvere School of  Service and Rural Economics is located in Olustvere in Suure-Jaani parish in central Estonia. The school started operating in 1914 in the Kõo manor as the Alexander Lower-Agricultural School, which in 1917 was turned into an agricultural high school. In 1920 the school continued in Olustvere under the name Estonian Alexander Agricultural School. Under various names, the school has operated to this day.

Today, the school is an agriculturally oriented vocational school managed by the Ministry of Education and Science. The school also owns the most fully preserved manorial estate, which includes 29 buildings, in the Baltic States.

The school’s main objective is to offer secondary and post-secondary vocational training, as well as continuing education and retraining for adults.

Curriculum groups:

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism, catering and accommodation service
  • Food processing
  • Business services
  • Design and handicraft

The school has three main areas of specialization: agriculture, service and food processing. The school unites three areas of rural life into one unified food product chain, starting with producing the raw material, continuing with processing and preparing the food and ending with service.

The school has a stady farm, which was created in 1994.  The school owns 507 hectares of land. In addition to that the stady farm also uses about 330 hectares of rented farm land. The farm has contemporary technical equipment for applied study.

In 2010, a modern food industry and kitchen were built to teach food processing. Processing internships take place in the finest companies in Estonia, and if possible, in other countries, too.

Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics is the winner of the Quality Award for Vocational Schools in 2007 and 2013.


Published 10.07.2018. Last changed 11.04.2024.